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Real Estate investing since 1989, we are in the business of buying most types of real estate that we can buy, fix and resale at a profit. We are self-funded and can make decisions very quickly. Most importantly is that we are not whole sellers were property gets tied up and someone else comes in with possible changes on terms or price. We are a direct buyer that will purchase all in cash and have the ability to close fast with no delays on our part.

Over 1,700 homes purchased in the last 4 years all in cash!!! We have the experience and buying leverage needed to close just about any type of transaction.

We will not run out of funds!!!


We will pay for all normal closing costs, escrow fees, title fees, transfer fees, and any other normal seller closing costs, to insure that you or your sellers will net 100% of our purchase price minus your current loan balance if any. Please call us or email us with your ideas and possibilities, Call us today 1-800-599-7750 or email us at